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Avion Power Introduces The Voyager Aircraft Battery to the Commercial Aviation Market

Avion Power, a manufacturer of high‐power, light‐weight battery systems, announces the official launch of the Voyager Aircraft Battery. Voyager is a 28V/20Ah power source designed to start aircraft engines and to provide auxiliary power. On a single charge, Voyager can start 10 or more turbine engines, power on‐board electronics for an hour, or provide a combination of auxiliary power and starting power. Voyager weighs 15 pounds, can be stowed onboard an aircraft and recharged in‐flight, and has an integrated NATO power connector, making the battery completely cordless.

“We’ve been making powerful, light‐weight aircraft batteries for the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment for years and we’re excited to bring our Modular Battery System to the commercial aviation market,” said Trung Nguyen, Chief Battery Scientist for Avion Power. “The technology has been extensively tested, it’s combat proven at the highest level of helicopter aviation, and it outperforms lead‐acid batteries in most scenarios.”

“The Voyager Aircraft battery addresses the need for light‐weight, truly portable aircraft power; it’s a game changer for any pilot operating away from a reliable power source,” said Richard Gray, Director of Business Development for Avion Power. “Every day use of Voyager offers more powerful turbine starts and easier access to ground power wherever and whenever it’s needed. When necessary, pilots with depleted lead‐acid batteries can self‐rescue in minutes.”

About Modular Battery System

Avion Power’s Modular Battery System (MBS) is a battery technology originally designed for the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment. The Regiment needed a scalable power source that could satisfy the needs of multiple airframes and sophisticated weaponry. The U.S Army tested and certified the MBS with an Air Worthiness Release for the 160th SOAR (A). Main batteries using Avion Power’s MBS have been powering the Regiment’s MH‐47 Chinooks since 2010.

About Avion Power

Avion Power develops and manufactures advanced battery systems for government, military, industrial, and commercial customers worldwide. For three decades, Avion Power’s scientists and engineers have developed custom power sources optimized for specific applications. Product offerings have included high energy density batteries, high‐power solutions, and wearable power sources. Avion Power has also developed hardware and software that maximizes the reliability and safety of power sources.

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